Living a Well-Packed Life

I’m a Canadian stay-at-home mother who has the privilege of travelling to a couple places a year.  Sometimes it’s strictly for our family to enjoy travel together, sometimes my husband and I travel alone, and sometimes I tag along with him when he travels for work.  My husband also encourages me to get away on my own for a night here and there.  I usually go shopping or to a spa, alone or with a friend.

My family valued travel when I was a kid and I’ve certainly been blessed to set foot in so many countries.  Knowing a second language is helpful too.

I’ve loved handbags and luggage for as long as I can remember.  I remember cutting pictures of suitcases out of the Sears catalogue and cutting pictures of backpacks out of the MEC catalog.  I’d make copious lists for fictitious trips and would pack and unpack bags for fun.  Starting when I was about six.  So this is nearly three decades of love.

I’m writing about what I experience because I used to feel like I was unique in my experiences, but age has taught me that someone, somewhere is living something similar.  A helpful solution or a little nugget of inspiration could make a difference!

Live well-packed 🙂