My Most Complimented Bag in 2018

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My most complimented bag in 2018 wasn’t really a bag!

It was a wallet.  Which is baffling, since wallets spend most of their time hiding inside a bag.

LV Sarah Monet
Louis Vuitton Masters Collection (Koons collaboration).  Sarah Wallet in Monet

I guess it’s just an easy time for small talk, when I’m at the checkout and a cashier sees it.  Almost half the time, they comment on it, either the print, the colours, or they express shock that it’s from LV.

This collection got some flack online, but I love it.  I needed more colour in my life and Monet was a master of colour.  Although the Sarah wallet has fewer card slots than my previous wallet, it is a good size because I have converted many of my cards to Stocard, an app on my iPhone.  I no longer carry so many cards.  Anyway, great wallet, so durable… and so many compliments! 🙂


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