3/29/19: Louis Vuitton Summer Capsule

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I had an exciting day on March 29.  I had no idea it was the Louis Vuitton Summer Capsule launch.  I dropped off my husband’s car to be detailed then went to an appointment.  Since I was there 45 minutes early, the door was locked so I sat outside and started surfing on my phone.  I checked out the LV site and while searching around saw this bag ($2230 CAD), and it was instant love:

I had no idea this bag was just launching that morning.  Pure chance!  I already have a medium Neverfull (Monet print from the Masters collection, $4100 CAD), but I use it a lot and it’s a great bag.  With this one, I just couldn’t get over the colours… I LOVE these colours.  Then I also bought the matching shawl (left; Kaleidogram Monogram Shawl, $1020 CAD) and the bandeau (middle; Confidential Monogram Giant Bandeau, $230 CAD)…. and the sandals (not pictured; Formentera Flat Sandal, $1100 CAD).  It helps that I was able to order everything directly from a Sales Associate (SA) at the store.  The morning of March 29 became a flurry of texts and phone calls!  Everything is then shipped to my home.  This way the SA can also inspect everything for perfection and can keep me in mind when an item I want becomes available.  This is an SA with whom I’ve had a working relationship for the past year and half.  I first met her in the store and now when I make it there in person, I ask for her and she assists me.

Louis Vuitton Giant Monogram Neverfull MM in Khaki with Kaleidogram Shawl
Louis Vuitton Summer Capsule 2019: Giant Monogram


Officially called “Giant Monogram” because of the size of the monogram print on the green side of the bag, this bag is made of a durable coated canvas material.  Although it doesn’t zip closed at the top, it does have a small clip to keep it together if needed.  The side pulls allow you to fold in the sides of the bag, which changes its shape entirely.  The Neverfull MM also comes with the coordinating clutch in Mini Monogram.  There are also great bag organizers available online (such as from originalclub.co).  These help keep things organized in a bag which is essentially one large space vs. a bag with divided sections.  Some organizers even have a zipper closure.

Giant monogram also had pieces in a couple other colour combinations (Vert and Rouge):

What do you think of these combinations?!  Pretty wild!


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