My scores from the Toronto Premium Outlets (March 2019)

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I only live an hour away (outside of commuter rush-hour traffic hours).

I need to shop here more!!!

One issue is that in the cold cold Canadian winter, it’s tough to convince myself to go to what is essentially an outdoor mall.

This beautiful, cool but sunny morning, I finally went.

Here was the best part, aside from what I bought… how awesome is a hook in front of the sink so you can wash your hands without juggling all your stuff?!  (Am I easily amused!?)

A sink with a hook at Toronto Premium Outlets
A sink with a hook at Toronto Premium Outlets

My main targets were Saks Off 5th, Gucci and Saint Laurent.  Secondary were Eddie Bauer for a travel jacket, Montblanc for a mechanical pencil, and Jimmy Choo for anything that struck my fancy.

Saks Off 5th: disappointing.  Shoe shopping wasn’t fun because sizes were mixed up, boxes didn’t match what was inside, and despite trying on about ten pairs, nothing sparked my joy.

Next, I went into Saint Laurent.  I wasn’t actually expecting them to have any handbags or SLGs (small leather goods) but I was pleased when they did… not only that, but they also had a gorgeous shawl.  I was hoping they would have some LouLous and Nikis but no such luck.  An SA told me to return in April as they were expecting a new shipment of bags and that they hadn’t gotten any new shipments since they opened.

YSL Passport Wallet and Shawl
Blue Shawl and Passport Wallet from YSL

Next up was Gucci.  I didn’t own any Gucci when I walked in, and I left with one scarf and one shawl that I already love (see below).  I checked out some of the bags but nothing appealed to me.  The camera bag was interesting but lacked an outside pocket, which is a must-have for me.

At Eddie Bauer I ended up with two coats, one for 50% off and the other for 70% off.  And some Sporks.  Because everyone needs Sporks.

Montblanc had no pencils although I know they make them as they have them on their website.  I tried on 5 pairs of shoes at Jimmy Choo and they didn’t have the sizes I needed, so I left empty-handed.

So that was it.  My first slightly more luxury-oriented visit to the Toronto Premium Outlets, (which are actually located closer to Milton, ON).

I’m sure I’ll be back… likely in April on the hunt for some more YSL!

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