My KonMari Experience Part 2: Shopping

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I started learning about the KonMari Method less than a week ago.  (I discussed my first load of excess leaving the house here.)  I think about it constantly now.  It applies to so many things in life, not just possessions in your home.  How about Facebook Friends?  How about apps on my phone?  Songs in my playlists?  Now I look at everything and ask myself, “why keep this in my life if it doesn’t spark joy?”  Sometimes there is a real reason, like sand for my icy steps in the winter doesn’t spark my joy but it’s certainly necessary, so it must stay.  And I will look for the joy in not breaking my neck on icy steps during Canadian winters!

I am only a third of the way through Marie Kondo’s (Instagram @mariekondo) first book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  (which I bought on Kindle so I have one less book around the house!)  At this point she hasn’t really addressed shopping, or acquiring things, which is half of what got me into this mess in the first place.  That, along with not getting rid of enough stuff.  I do hope she has some insights on how to go about acquiring things now that I have become a little more enlightened about how to view my possessions.

But old habits die hard.  Already this week, I went shopping to kill some time while waiting for my daughter’s dance class to be done.  The thing is, despite having only begun to learn about KonMari,  I experienced shopping differently.  I held items and felt whether they sparked joy.  Much to my surprise, and much to the chagrin of the shopper in me,  the vast majority did not spark joy, so I left them behind.  Most of that stuff would have been KonMari’d out of my house very quickly after acquiring it.

I realize I had not been very judicious with purchases in the past and had bought many things that were not exactly what I was looking for and had convinced myself to just settle for those and move on.  The problem is, of course, that those are the things landing in the delete pile now because they don’t spark my joy!  Like in the early winter, I knew I needed a different blanket for my bed, so I bought 2 matching ones at Costco that I *thought* were long enough, but they’re too short.  And I don’t love the print/ colour.  They were inexpensive.  I know I could have returned them but I’d already tossed the packaging and washed them.  So less than 2 months later, they are going in the delete pile.  What a sad state of affairs.

As far as acquiring things goes, I am not sure what’s going to happen:

  • Will I become frustrated at seldom or never finding things that spark joy, so I go back to buying things that don’t?
  • Will I embrace the feeling of joy when I find something that is perfect, because it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s exquisite?
  • Will I stop leisure shopping altogether?!  I can’t imagine… I love shopping, I love(d?) buying new things… maybe I need to explore why I love buying new things?  What gap does it fill for me?

I’ve watched all the Tidying Up episodes on Netflix.  I’m just a third of the way through the first book.  I really hope @mariekondo will give her thoughts on shopping in this book or the next, as I’d love some guidance on the topic.  In the meantime, I will keep pushing through all my possessions and finding what sparks my joy- rather than trying to find joy in amassing newly acquired things!



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