My Travel Experience: A running list

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I make travel recommendations on my blog.  When I read other people’s blogs, I often ask myself, “but how much do you really travel?”  As in, can I really take their recommendations seriously?  So here is a partial list of our travel experiences.  Partial because I have a bad memory and have likely forgotten some.

My husband’s employers have always been supportive of me joining him whenever I want, which is fabulous and well appreciated, so some of these trips are me tagging along while he’s working 🙂



  • UPCOMING in December 2019: booked 3 days at Disney World with the girls prior to embarking on back-to-back Disney Cruises (Bahamas then Caribbean)
  • BOOKED in August 2019: 2 nights at the Elora Mill & Spa, ON
  • BOOKED in August 2019: 3 nights at Shamrock Lodge in Muskoka, ON
  • BOOKED in May 2019: 2-week Disney Cruise Line Transatlantic Crossing from Miami to Barcelona (+ Portugal)
  • Feb 2019: Las Vegas with my husband for 5 days.  It snowed.  We golfed.
  • Feb 2019: Elora Mill & Spa for a night.  We ate.  We spa’d.  We slept.
  • January 2019 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a week with my 2 girls



  • December 2018 one night at the gorgeous Elora Mill in Elora, ON
  • December 2018 London, England for 5 days
  • October- Nov 2018 2-week Disney Wonder Panama Canal crossing (San Diego to Galveston)
  • 2 days and one night at the Millcroft Inn and Spa in Ontario
  • August 2018 5 days at Bellagio in Vegas 
  • June 2018 2 nights at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, ON
  • May 2018 One night/ 2 days at Ste- Anne’s Spa in Haldimand, ON
  • April 2018 one week in Madrid with Husband
  • February 2018 1 week all-inclusive with the kids in Montego Bay Jamaica

2017:  this was my busiest travel year on record so far

  • November 2017 Jamaica with Husband for ten days
  • September 2017 Fiji with Husband for nine days.  My first time on a private jet (from LA to Fiji).
  • July 2017 Iceland for nine days with Husband
  • June 2017 Chicago, IL for four days with Husband
  • April 2017 San Francisco, CA for a week with Husband
  • January-February 2017 Orlando for four days + 1-week Disney cruise in the Caribbean + three more days in FL with the kids


  • November 2016 10 days in Negril Jamaica with Husband
  • Aug 2016 10 days in Negril Jamaica with Husband

Approximately 2010:

  • 10 days in California with 3.5 month old daughter
  • 3 days in NYC with baby daughter
  • 1 week at a Cancun, MX all-inclusive with baby daughter
  • Found out I was pregnant with #2 while in Las Vegas at Aria!
  • 10 days in Australia (Sydney and Brisbane); went 36 weeks pregnant with #1

Prior to 2015:

  • Las Vegas Bellagio *my favourite of the places we’ve been in Las Vegas, primarily due to location on the strip, also a really nice hotel
  • Las Vegas MGM Grand
  • Negril, Jamaica in April 2015 with Husband 9-10 days
  • Negril Jamaica with Husband 9-10 days
  • Negril Jamaica with Husband 9-10 days
  • Negril Jamaica with Husband 9-10 days
  • Negril Jamaica with Husband 9-10 days
  • Negril Jamaica with Husband 9-10 days
  • Banff/ Calgary with Husband
  • Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica (one week, all-inclusive)
  • Sandals Ocho Rios Jamaica (one week, all-inclusive)
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic All-inclusive week at Grand Paradise Bavaro (2004)
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic All-inclusive Caribe Club Princess (2003)
  • Negril Jamaica for a wedding week at Breezes (now closed)
  • Saint Lucia; Honeymoon.  1 week at Sandals Grande and 1 week at Stonefield Villas (September 2006)
  • Crystal Cruise on Pacific Coast from Vancouver to LA (around 2010-11)
  • I took a solo road trip (camping) in Upstate New York (around 2007-2008)
  • Wedding in Georgia circa 2008
  • Switzerland, Paris, Nice, a day in Italy. High school trip to Europe for 8 days in 1999
  • Flight from Toronto- Ottawa and back for a high school conference circa 1999
  • Disney World with my family as a kid; stayed at Walt Disney World Dolphin
  • Disney World with my family as a kid; stayed at Vistana Resort
  • Holguin, Cuba with my family as a kid
  • Quebec City/ Ottawa with my family as a kid
  • Flying back and forth from Virginia: 8 flights between 2011 and 2013
  • Do we count the “hopper” flight, as we like to call it, from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Negril, Jamaica in a little 3-seater!?  We’ve done that 3 times.
  • Helicopter flight in and around the Grand Canyon



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