My First Valentino Bag- and not my last!

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The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

My husband and I were in Las Vegas in August.  We both wanted to check out the luxury goods in Vegas so we spent a while going from place to place.  I spent a good deal of time in Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Valentino and Gucci and window-shopped Hermès.  In Valentino, I was drawn to the RockStud collection.  I love this sort of bag; classy and chic with a hint of rock.  The first one I loved was black.  But I have been searching for an awesome metallic bag I could use as a clutch for things like holiday parties.

Long story short, I didn’t buy anything in Vegas.  I didn’t want to deal with paying customs and duty coming home so I came home empty-handed, then shopped online!

I got this from the Valentino website.  I felt like this order took forever.  When I enquired about the delay, it turned out they were shipping it from Italy (where it’s manufactured) to the US, then to me in Canada.  I’ve gotten used to ordering from Louis Vuitton online, and I receive stuff within days, so this felt long.  Louis Vuitton has a Distribution Centre in Ontario so I never wait that long.  In total it took 15 days from the time I placed the order until I received it.  Their order process was also convoluted, and they wanted emailed photos of my credit card!  Unheard of and I really resisted it, even letting my order cancel itself once because I didn’t want to send these pics to them.  Eventually I acquiesced.

ANYWAY…. I LOVE it.  It’s a Valentino Metallic RockStud Spike Chain in size Medium in colour Lead; it has a mirror finish.  I wear a lot of black so that’s going to look awesome.  It also has a beautiful chain that is long enough for me to wear cross-body, which is great for a curvy girl.

Valentino RockStud Medium (CAD$3,340.00)






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