How We Surprised Our Kids with a Disney Cruise- 3 Surprises!

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Surprise #1 I told the girls I had a surprise for them.  I hid puzzle pieces around the house and they had to find them and assemble the pieces.  The puzzle said “We’re going on a plane to Florida” and gave a countdown.  I tried to free-hand the puzzle and it was mediocre 😉  But they must have loved it, they’ve been asking for another puzzle hunt ever since!


Surprise #2 I fudged the date so they would sleep the night before.  So surprise, we’re leaving TODAY!!  I fudge the dates with every trip so they can still have the fun of doing the countdown and also so they sleep the night before, because when I was a kid I was so excited that I stayed awake the entire night before we flew to Florida- I was a wreck for days!

Surprise #3 Once we got to Florida we used our one-time phone call from a character (set up through the Disney Cruise Line website) to surprise them that we weren’t staying in Florida the whole time, we were going on a DISNEY CRUISE!

This time around, I am buying a blank puzzle template from Etsy here, and using that to hide the pieces in the house.  It will be a little more robust than the home-made construction paper version from last time!

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