Packing for Disney Cruise #2: What I’ll Do Differently

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The last cruise was one week long but we also spent 4 days before the cruise and 3 days after the cruise in Florida, so a total trip of 14 days.  Last time we packed 3 large pullmans for our family of four as our checked bags:

Disney cruise ship rooms are awesome for storage and these all fit under the queen bed.  I am hoping we can get this down to 2 checked pullmans for the next cruise.  Might be impossible but I love a packing challenge!

What would I pack differently?

Larger Cross-Body Bag for every day use

I used a small Kate Spade cross-body bag on the first cruise.  I thought it would be enough but I needed a little extra space so I will probably be bringing a different, slightly larger cross-body this time.

Fewer Costumes

The girls are a little bit older so we won’t bring as many costumes.  I’m not even sure that my 8-year-old will want to wear much Disney stuff at all.  I’m hoping she gets into the spirit while we’re there and surrounded by other Disney fans (rather than the older kids from school, who disapprove of her wearing her love of Disney 😦 )  Cruise 2 is during Halloween so we’ll need costumes for Halloween for sure!

Less Clothing

I brought too much clothing for the kids last time.  They can re-wear stuff and don’t need that much.  I also need to do laundry this time on a 2-week cruise.

Smarter Carry-On Bag

I had a backpack on wheels and it didn’t fit enough and was useless once we were on the ship.  I am still debating whether to bring a regular backpack or something different.  I’m sure I’ll update the post once I’ve narrowed it down!

No Snorkels or Water Wings

My kids are older now and more confident swimmers so we won’t need them this time, especially because we didn’t use them last time.  This is also Disney.  They have life jackets by the pool for kids to use.


The kids got snacky sometimes and we needed little zipper bags to bring their snacks with us around the ship and to port etc.  Pringles, Annie’s Bunny crackers are great for this.  We always bring some of our own snack foods to hotels.  Another comfort of home for kids.

Drink Cups

We brought some last time but soda pop doesn’t fare well in a resealable bottle so I will bring one with a straw and one insulated mug that seals shut for when I put it in my bag.


We didn’t bring any alcohol for the one-week cruise, but I’m thinking we might want some for a 2-week cruise!  Adults can each bring 2 unopened bottles of wine or champagne under 750mL or six beers under 12 oz onto the ship in their hand luggage at embarkation and per port of call.


I made an awesome photo book using Picaboo after the last cruise.  On this cruise the one thing I might do is bring a little white board so we can identify a photo holding the white board to show where we are each day.


  • Bring a slightly larger cross-body bag for everyday “around the ship” use
  • Bring fewer costumes
  • Bring less clothing for everyone + we’re doing laundry
  • Bring a smarter carry-on for Mom
  • We didn’t use the snorkels or water wings
  • Bring snacks in resealable bags (Pringles, Annie’s etc.)
  • Free soda on the pool deck; bring cups, mugs, pitcher etc.
  • Carry-on 2 bottles of wine each adult
  • White board

Enjoy being well-packed!

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