Vegas Spas: Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental and Aria

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Here are the Coles Notes on the Vegas spas I visited in 2011.  On this trip I found out I was pregnant with #2 🙂


What kind of spa person are you?

Do you really value the ambience and the whole experience including the waiting room and change rooms and decor etc…?  Check out the Mandarin Oriental‘s modern, spotless decor and upscale ambience


Do you put more focus on the spa service itself? Bellagio is good value and has good services and nice staff


Bellagio Spa


I visited the spa at Bellagio for approximately 4 hours of services

Very reasonable prices for such a nice spa; this might explain the crowds.


+ Male therapist was exceedingly cautious with draping and was quite possibly even more discreet than most female therapists I have visited.  He was gentle and fluid- it was a good massage.


+ Had a friendly and comfortable pedicure with Deborah, who was meticulous and caring.


+ Had a full-body seaweed wrap (it really smells like seaweed!)  As a side note, if you are super conscious about being seen nude, I have never had a body wrap where the therapist didn’t see me nude for at least a split second!  Usually it’s when getting into the shower to wash off the goo.  The shower at Bellagio was awesome- totally unexpected for a treatment room shower- it was very large, all stone, well stocked etc.  not your regular plastic stall shower!


+ All the staff were courteous, professional and friendly


+ Fair prices


+ A really nice touch at Bellagio was starting every service with a “relaxation ritual” which was nice and lent consistency across all treatments (it usually involved a scented oil and some breathing)


+ The lounge area included juices, soda cans, bottles of water, tea, oranges and bananas


– Bellagio Spa loses points for not being able to order in lunch in any simple fashion (I ended up walking down to the bakery for a sandwich wearing my spa robe!!)  You’d think they want you to spend more time there and you no doubt get hungry after hours of relaxing 😉


– Crowded


Mandarin Oriental spa

+ Very personal, felt smaller, everyone says hello to you by name


+ Welcomed with hot towel and mint tea; lounge area included ice water with orange and lime as well as apples and bananas and bottled water


+ Great views of the strip and lots of different/ unique and lovely extras- for example, a waiting room that’s all contour beds


+ Nice big treatment rooms (although they have stone floors which lends to hearing some squeaks from your therapist’s running shoes during your treatment!)


+ The massage table is heated and automated so you could be on your back with feet up and sitting inclined etc…


+ Anticipated for your needs before you knew you needed them!


+ Change rooms are thoroughly stocked with shampoo, lotion, soap, makeup pads, cotton swabs, hair dryers, styling products and lit makeup mirrors.  I was even offered a hairbrush but I had my own.


Unlike the Bellagio spa which I found to be crowded, I literally saw one other spa guest at the Mandarin Oriental.  Must have been a bit dead on a Wednesday morning?!


+ Nice discounts on weekday services


The hotel is dark.  Lots of wood and dark accents and walls, carpets, ceilings etc… but inside the spa there is a lot of natural light from the windows and the floors and walls are done in a grey natural stone so quite a bit lighter than the rest of the hotel/ spa entry area


! Caution ! Be prepared to tip not only your therapist but also the spa concierge and the (2) spa hosts who basically follow you around the change room, anticipate your needs, ask if you need anything (and in my case, have a hairdryer plugged in and waiting for me at a makeup station when I got out of the shower).  They also walk you out to the other areas so you don’t get lost.


– The piped-in music was kind of middle-eastern sometimes;  not my taste for a relaxing experience and a bit too loud


Aria Spa

I would not return to the spa at Aria; this was the lowest point of my spa week!  The change room was crowded and messy; stocked items running low, garbage cans too full.  Seemed that they needed to have a staff person to look after the change room.  The massage I had was good but for the price and experience factor, I would return to Bellagio instead.


All in all it was a great week.  If you’ve ever been to Vegas… you know you can expect great food and great shows.  Add in some spa experiences and it can be a heavenly vacation!

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