Planning a Disney World Vacation when you’re Clueless

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Overwhelmed.  That is how I feel reading all the posts and tips for Disney World.  So much so that I have put off a trip simply because I didn’t know where to start or how to plan a “no-regrets” trip that would be fun and memorable for both the kids and for my husband and I.

I read on a blog post that a Disney travel agent will help with the details- like booking Fast Passes and dining experiences, and I was immediately interested.  I recalled someone from a past web group I was in who did something like this… sure enough, she is a Disney Vacation Specialist! Who better to help me than someone who has been to Disney world sixty times!?  (she has, seriously!).  A quick Facebook chat later and we’re getting together this week to make it official.  I am SO excited to finally be booking this, and to have the help of someone who really knows their stuff.

Part 2: continued….. April 2019

After I booked a trip with her, I was still feeling really stressed about it… so we cancelled the whole thing.  I felt bad but I couldn’t “get there” in my mind.  Instead, I booked a couple Disney cruises with her- those I know and love.

So here we are a few months later and I realize I should just tack on a couple days at Disney World, make it succinct and simple, hopefully fall in love with it, so we can visit again and love it.

So that’s the plan.  Before we embark on one of our cruises in December 2019 out of Port Canaveral in Florida, I’m going to take the kids to Disney World for a couple of days by myself.  Husband is going to join us for the second cruise but couldn’t miss that much work before the holidays.

So… Disney World, here we come!


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