Tips for Staying in Hotel Rooms with Babies and Kids

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For plane travel trips with the kids (and at Great Wolf Lodge) we’ve always gotten a room with bunks so that works well.  On the Disney cruise they have a couch that turns into a comfy bed (like a futon), a bunk that pulls down from the ceiling, and a heavy curtain that separates the parents so we can still read or use devices once the kids are in bed.  It was a good setup but so far is unique to that cruise.

The best room we’ve had for our family so far was at Grand Beach by Diamond Resorts in Orlando.  More of a condo than a true hotel room, and very reasonably priced.

For babies, call ahead and see if the hotel has a crib.  You may not need to lug that playpen or portable crib.  Bring your own bedding for baby to have familiarity.

Hotel room checklist:

  • Doors can be squeaky and wake little sleepers!  We bring a mini can of WD40, but in a pinch, rub the bar of soap from the bathroom along the hinges
  • Be prepared to stick a towel under the door to block hall lights and noise
  • We sleep with fans at home.  Some hotels have fans you can borrow, so call ahead to ask.  We bring our own small one.  White noise also helps block hallway noise.
  • Get a small, battery-operated motion-sensor nightlight (I got ours at the dollar store) to put in the bathroom to make night visits safer and avoid turning on the bright lights and disturbing the whole room

    Motion sensor battery nightlight
    Globe motion-activated nightlight
  • Regardless of age, we let the kids bring a small blanket from home for familiarity, which helps both in transit and at the hotel
  • Bring something to cover the lights in the hotel room (microwave, tv, cable box, thermostat, etc…) if these lights will bother you.  I’m going to try Black Post-it notes on our next trip and I’ll update if they worked!
  • If you use a cup at home, bring plastic cups for young kids for teeth brushing- some hotels have them, some don’t
  • Bring clips for gaps in curtains (clothespins, chip clips) to keep the light out.  In a pinch I’ve used a hair clip too.  Use towel clips if you’re on a beach vacation.
  • Be prepared for the kids to be awake earlier than usual in the morning
  • We always bring some snacks for the room

Be well-packed 🙂



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