“Hers” Closet: Before and After

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We built our house 3 years ago. We were moving to a new city because of my husband’s job change.  The house (without the finished basement) is about 3135 sq ft. (or 4100 with the basement).  We lucked out and got a cool builder who would let us change anything in the floor plan for free (by a deadline and as long as we didn’t move any stairs).  So of course I gave myself a huge closet 🙂

What woman wouldn’t, if she had a penchant for handbags and luggage and had the option to do so?

So I made my closet the size of a small bedroom.  It’s irregular, but basically 12ft x 10ft.

Here are some photos from before/ during.  I had already emptied some out by the time I remembered to take pictures.

After my shoe rack collapsed
After the shoe rack collapsed, before emptying the closet
After emptying
After emptying the Ikea shelves

The improvement process took 8 months.  I wasn’t in a hurry.  It was basically this:

  • Got four quotes (that took 2 months)
  • Worked and re-worked the design and material selections
  • Visited the showroom to see materials in person (DO THIS!)
  • Packed everything into bins and removed them
  • Removed all furniture
  • Removed the wire shelving from the walls, removed all the brackets and screws
  • Patched and filled all the holes
  • Removed all the baseboards
  • Pulled out the carpet and related nails, staples, and under pad
  • Re-painted all the walls (I used Benjamin Moore Boothbay)
  • Flooring installer came for 1/2 day to install hardwood floors
  • Installer (from Closets by Design) came and installed closet units for 3 days

And here is the (almost) finished closet.  It’s still missing baseboards.  I have some minor issues with the built-ins, but in general I love it.  No more wire shelving, no more Ikea shelves, and a space for everything. #closetgoals



Part of the design I love are the glass door inserts on the upper cabinet doors.  In my dream house, all the hanging will be covered with full-length glass doors as I’ve seen on Bonkers Closets.  The drawers are pricey but totally worth it.  I also started out with oval hanging rods but I hated them and re-ordered them round, which I far prefer.  Other upgrades include upgraded handles, adding backing, adding crown, adding base molding, adding 3 pull-out belt hooks.  I use one for belts, one for bras, and one for scarves and umbrellas.  The total cost was in the area of about $17,500 CAD for the built-ins.

The bench was a lucky score from Marshall’s.  I was there looking for shoes for my daughter and she saw this in the front entry of the store.  It was exactly what I had been looking for online and hadn’t found yet.

The white flowers are Floressa from Urban Barn ($32-49 CAD)

The rug is from Wayfair.  It’s a 5 x 8 Dodgson Hand-Tufted Grey/Ivory Area Rug (about $330 CAD).

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