6+1 Weird Things to Pack for a Disney Cruise (Updated!)

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I had a bit of a personal crisis in late 2016 and realized how short life is.  My reaction was to start living more, start spending more on experiences vs. stuff.  Now let’s be honest, I still buy a lot of stuff.  But focusing more on living means we need to travel with the kids more often.

Enter the Disney Cruise.  I booked directly on the Disney Cruise Line website around September for a February cruise.  I know I didn’t get a very good deal because we didn’t book that far in advance.  What I know now is that people who have been on at least one Disney cruise have access to the new releases at least a day before the general public (about 18 months before cruise time).  This is also where you’ll probably get the best price.  As a Canadian, I can tell you, it hurts to book anything in $USD right now.  Wow, that exchange rate is a killer.  But you have no choice, so march on.

We packed a lot for this trip (we checked 3 spinner suitcases for a family of 4).  We used most of what we brought, so it was probably worth the hassle 🙂  Here are some ideas for non-traditional things to pack that will help make your cruise extra awesome.

6+1 Weird Things to Pack for a Disney Cruise

  1. The cruise ship walls are magnetic, so bring some magnets to help with organization.  I just got these magnets on Amazon.ca.  They’re quite strong; we actually hung a wet beach towel on the fridge to test it and it (just) held!  They also come in black and white.  We also got personalized magnets for our stateroom door, which is very helpful to both kids and adults, as all the doors look the same! Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.56.11 PM
  2. Costumes.  If your little one loves to dress up, bring a couple costumes.  Kids are often wearing costumes around the ship.  These pack well if you put them in Ziploc bags and squeeze the air out.  Try these Ziploc Big Bags.
  3. Lanyards.  You need your cruise ship card with you basically all the time, so carrying it in a lanyard is helpful.  I just picked some up at the Dollar store before we left.  We used them the entire time.  They’ll also be great to hang on those hooks! (see #1)
  4. Hanging organizers.  There is a hanging rod in the closet in the room, but we didn’t bring much clothing that needed to be hung up, so instead we used the space for a hanging pouch organizer and it was perfect.  We shoved little things in there all the time, and you could see everything because of the clear pockets. Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.57.42 PM.png
  5. Glow Sticks.  At the Sail Away party, we brought our own Glow Sticks and shared them with the people around us.  These delight the kids!
  6. An automatic battery-operated motion-sensor light for your stateroom bathroom.  I got one at the dollar store and it was excellent at night in the bathroom.
  7. NEW! (Added in July 2018)  Bring magnets to decorate your room door.  It helps the kids find the door in the long hallways and it’s a fun surprise for the kids!  I get custom-printed ones on Etsy from Cre8tionsGener8tions.

Be well-packed 😉

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