Getting the Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis

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I went from having no Louis Vuitton stuff to having 4 items in 3 months.  This was the second bag I got.  When I noticed it on the website, I didn’t know that it was this crazy bag that people wait on for months, that had all this hype attached to it.  I just saw it online and thought it would be awesome for an upcoming trip to Spain.  I love that it has a zipper pocket at the back and I can wear it cross-body as a curvy girl.  It’s a great size.

The next time I was in the store, I was being helped by the same Sales Associate (SA) who had helped me when I bought the Mélie the month before.  I asked her if they had any reverse monogram Pochette Métis and she nearly laughed- then she told me they have a 300+ person wait list for it (or for the regular monogram one).  I was incredulous but she said if I left a credit card number (ie really committed to the purchase), I’d go to the top of the list.  Done and done.

The first one they sent me was legitimately crooked.



The top clasp was mounted crookedly so the flap didn’t align or sit properly.  I took pics of the bag and sent them to the SA and she took it back no problem.  (It was later deemed to be defective and apparently destroyed…) I told her I really wanted this bag before I went to Spain… and she got another one in about two weeks before I left.  This one is perfect and I started using it right away to get a feel for it before the trip.  I loved it.

2nd pochette métis
The Second Pochette Métis in reverse monogram

It was awesome in Spain and I still love it!  It fits more than I expected it to.  I can see why these coated canvas bags last so long.  I wasn’t gentle with the bag while traveling and it doesn’t have a scratch on it.

The bonus was that I got to see a Louis Vuitton artisan making a bag at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum for the LV Time Capsule Exhibition while in Madrid- while wearing this bag.  It felt so… right 🙂

Pochette Métis in Reverse Monogram info here.  Louis Vuitton Canada ($2440 CAD)

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