What’s In My Bag: 6 Things in my Louis Vuitton Mélie

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I see these videos and blog posts out there about what’s in peoples’ bags and I think they’re interesting. I love seeing what other people carry and how!

Because the Mélie is fairly large, I can fit a lot into it. I use it when I want to carry my planner, a magazine or book or a folder of some sort in addition to my regular “purse stuff”. This week I needed it to carry a folder for a parent-teacher interview.

Louis Vuitton Mélie: What’s In My Bag

Here’s what’s in my bag right now:

  1. Calendar/ Planner (this one is from Gallery Leather and I’ve been using the same type for 3 years). You can get it at Indigo/ Chapters in Canada ($22.95 CAD) here.
  2. iPad and iPhone
  3. Sunglasses. I get mine at Winners or Marshalls. I can’t stomach buying pricy ones because I’m really tough on my sunglasses and scratch and break them.
  4. Toiletry pouch. This one’s from Indigo/ Chapters. I love the colours.  They have tons of cute pouches here.
  5. Car Keys. I see these cute little key pouches from brands like Louis Vuitton but I can’t fit my FOB in there so this is it right now.
  6. Wallet. Louis Vuitton Monet collection Sarah wallet ($1880 CAD).  See it here.

Curious what’s in my pouch?  Read “Ten Things in my Everyday Toiletry Pouch” to see what’s in it!


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